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Winter Spring Transition Outfits

10 Perfect Winter to Spring Transition Outfits

Are you ready for the Winter to Spring transition?  If the cold weather has you down, these 10 perfect Winter to Spring transition outfits should lift your spirits!  From bright colors to fun flowy dresses and skirts, these outfits shopped mostly from Target and Old Navy will take you from the dreary cold to the warm sunshine in style! This post contains affiliate links that allow me to earn small commissions from purchases made through

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menopausal woman enjoying wine o'clock

The Wine O’Clock Habit and Menopause: What All Women Over 40 Should Know

What is the Wine O’Clock Habit? For many menopausal women and the world at large, the wine o’clock habit has become a light-hearted euphemism for drinking alcohol at the end of the day. In fact, when I researched this post, I came across a Pinterest board with hundreds of funny quotes celebrating wine o’clock.  These included quotes like “wine doesn’t have an o’clock, acceptable any time,” “is it wine o’clock yet?” and “tick-tock it’s wine

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woman showing her partner she loves him

How to Show Him You Love Him Every Day

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but love can still be in the air! And that means finding all the ways to show him you love him. Learn how to show him you love him every day, and you’ll strengthen your relationship in a way that lasts the whole year through and many more years to come. This post contains affiliate links that allow me to earn small commissions from purchases made through these

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Michele Linton Leather Jacket

Welcome to my blog, hot and sassy ladies!  My name is Michele Linton, and I live in Sacramento, California with my husband, Rick and my dog, Walter.  I believe in aging disgracefully and keeping my outside age matching my inside age for as long as possible!  I hope you’ll enjoy my fashion, fitness and beauty tips, as well as some inspiration, as we travel this midlife journey together!

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