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woman wearing cat-eye sunglasses, black wide-brim hat and purple fur coat

October Amazon Fashion Haul | Jewelry and Accessories

All the Best Fall Favorites from Amazon!

woman in plumb fur coat, black hat and sunglasses

This October Amazon fashion haul for jewelry and accessories will have you wanting to shop until you drop for the season’s latest trends. From wide-brim hats to face masks, this haul has it all with shopping links right at your fingertips!

Wide-Brim Hats

four wide-brim hats
Woman in wide brim fedora

Wide- brim hats were a major hit this summer, and they’ll be hot for fall and winter too! Swap your wide-brim straw hat for a wool one, and you’ll be ready for the season! Not only are they perfect for any photo in your Insta feed, but in wool, they’re warm and water-resistant too! They come in a range of styles and colors – from floppy and fedora to camel and leopard print – so you won’t want to miss this amazing fall trend!

Shop the Look!

Mismatched Earrings

four pairs of mismatched earrings
woman in hat with dangly earring

Remember the 1980s where asymmetrical everything gave you an edgy vibe? This season, asymmetrical earrings are back and better than ever! 

Matching earrings? Oh, how boring! No matter your age, you can rock this trend again! Wear them with everything from a bulky sweater to a slim-fitting jumpsuit. You can even buy one earring at a time! Mismatched earrings are a fun and inexpensive way to give life to otherwise basic looks.

Shop the Look!

Vintage Cat-Eye Sunglasses

four pairs of small cat-eye sunglasses
model wearing small cat-eye sunglasses

These shades have come back from the 1950s better than ever! Did you know Marilyn Monroe wore cat-eye sunglasses?  Nothing screams sex appeal like Marilyn, and you will too if you dawn a pair of these oh-so-chic sunnies. And sunnies are not just for summer! We need to protect our eyes from sun damage all year round, so why not look fabulous when we do?

Shop the Look!

Not Your Mother's Pearls

Selection of Jewelry with Faux Pearls
model with dangly pearl earrings

Faux pearls are finding their way into all sorts of jewelry pieces this season! There are so many great ways to wear them in this October Amazon fashion haul. Wear pearls in different shapes and sizes in the same necklace, incorporate them into a dainty bracelet, or make a statement with them in bold earrings. Pearls are not just for your mom and grandma anymore!

Shop the Look!

Clutch Bags

four assorted clutch purses
woman holding green clutch purse

An oldie but a goodie, the clutch bag is everywhere this fall. The puffy clutch bag can be worn casually with or without a chain-link strap. And structured bags offer a more classic look. Add a pop of color to brighten your outfit, or clutch a smaller, neutral bag to wear out for a formal evening.

Shop the Look!

Charm Bracelets

assorted charm bracelets
hand in pocket wearing charm bracelet

Charm bracelets saw their heyday in the 1950s, but they first made their appearance in ancient times. Worn to ward off evil and bring good luck, the first charm bracelets were made from shells, animal bones, and clay.  Thankfully, animal bones weren’t a lasting trend in charms, which were eventually worn by the likes of Queen Victoria, Elizabeth Taylor, and Joan Crawford. Charm bracelets are seeing a resurgence, and you can buy these jangly beauties today on Amazon!  

Shop the Look!

Wide Belts

four assorted wide belts
woman wearing wide black belt

What’s not to love about wide belts? They were all over New York Fashion Week runways in 2020.  Not only do they slim the waistline, but they elevate the look of everything from dresses and blazers to coats and tunics! Wide belts add sophistication and flair to sweaters too! Wear them in bright colors to set off neutrals or add chic elegance with quality black or brown leather.  

Shop the Look!


four assorted boots
ankle boots and fishnet stockings

According to Vogue, knee-high black boots are the season’s footwear stars, keeping with the equestrian-influenced designs we are seeing on fall runways. Other stars are over-the-knee boots and Lucite heels, while ankle booties and animal prints remain mainstays in this October Amazon fashion haul. Pair tall boots with midi dresses or jeans for colder weather. But you can’t beat ankle booties and bare legs for the summer to fall transition!  

Shop the Look!

Masking in Style

assorted face-masks and accessories
woman wearing beaded mask

Unfortunately, face masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future. So why not have fun with them? Sequins say “look at me” in the daytime, and they’re a must-have accessory for socially distanced date nights!  Animal print lets the world know that you like a little edge! But feeling more laid back? Go with the tie-dye hippie vibe, while adding a few love beads with the latest mask holders.

Shop the Look!

Who says lock-down has to be boring? What are you waiting for? Shop these fall favorites from my October Amazon fashion haul for jewelry and accessories and you’ll be looking amazing as you socially distance in style!  And don’t forget to read my post, 10 Perfect Outfits to Transition from Summer to Fall for more great fall looks.

Check out more fall favorites from my awesome blogger friends!




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20 thoughts on “October Amazon Fashion Haul | Jewelry and Accessories”

  1. I’ve been seriously thinking about joining the fedora trend. I am not a hat person, but I might just change that up. It’s such a cool way to update the wardrobe. I’m getting serious 80s vibes from the wide belts…but I love a fun clutch and black boots! My daughter actually has my grandmother’s charm bracelets from the 40s!

    1. That is so cool that your daughter has her grandmother’s charm bracelets! I remember my grandmother’s also! Fedoras are perfect for rainy days and they’re super cute too!

  2. I love those booties! I’ll have to check them out. And I cannot believe wide belts are back in – I remember when these were all the rage in the 80s; I probably still have some sitting in a box somewhere!

  3. I’ve been looking at hats and these are fab suggestions. Don’t think I can pull off the cat sunglasses, but I might go for a pair of those mismatched earrings! Terrific post as always!

  4. Your post is good timing, Michele! I’m really burnt out on the utilitarian outfits I’ve been wearing for the most part during shutdown. My own fault … I think I’ve gotten a bit too complacent since most of my (few) commitments these days are casual ones, so I’ve gotten into a rut of jeans and tee shirts (shorts when it was hotter). You’ve got such fun accessories here! Even my uniform of jeans and tees could be vastly improved with a few of these added to my look.

  5. Great Finds! I especially like the wide belts and clutch purses. Amazon shopping is so easy isn’t it.

    Happy Fall!

  6. What great finds and shares!! I am
    So out of the loop lately on what is trending in the real world. Thanks for the update! Love the wider belt and mismatched earrings:)
    Xx Melanie

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