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fit woman's butt in stretch pants

5 Best Butt Exercises for Women over 50

fit woman's butt in stretch pants

Note: Please consult a doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

What can prevent injury, improve posture, increase bone density, AND give you a cuter backside? You guessed it, butt exercises, or as the professionals say, working the glutes! 

These 5 best butt exercises for women over 50 offer many benefits, not the least of which is having a perkier, rounded butt. But did you know regular butt exercises contribute to overall functional fitness? Although at some point, gravity will win the battle against sagginess, these 5 best butt exercises for women over 50 actually will improve how we live our lives.5

Why Should Women over 50 do Butt Exercises?

happy middle aged women in t-shirt

Injury Prevention

Celebrity trainer Sara Lewis told Shape Magazine “focusing on the glutes reinforces … the quads and your ACL and VMO muscle, which surrounds and supports the knees.” Stronger glutes make it less likely we will tear our ACL.

According to Andrea Boldt of, when the glutes are too weak to extend the hip and propel your body forward, other less qualified muscles have to do the work. “The hamstrings, low back, quadriceps, and calves may become disproportionately strong — increasing your risk of injury,” says Boldt.

Greater Mobility

ISSA, an association that certifies personal trainers, says that glutes are essential to movement. Without them, we could not walk upright. Accordingly, we need to keep our glute muscles strong so we can keep moving as we age.

Stronger Back

Strong glutes support the back and strengthen our core muscles. says weak glutes caused by inactivity and sitting for long periods can lead to back pain.


loop bands and dumbbells

Although equipment isn’t necessary to perform this workout, you may want to add a set of dumbbells and a loop band to enhance its impact. Whether you add equipment depends entirely on your fitness level. If you’re a beginner, you should try the workout without equipment and add it later only if you’re ready for a greater challenge.

What are the Five Best Butt Exercises for Women over 50?

1. Lateral Squat Walk

woman squatting with loop band around legs

Place the loop resistance band around both of your thighs or use no band at all. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart with your toes facing slightly outward. Step to the side and squat with your chest up and your back flat. Make sure your knees are aligned with your ankles and that your thighs are at a 90-degree angle with your calves. Take 20 lateral steps in this position. Rest for 30 seconds and then assume the same position and take 20 lateral steps in the other direction. Repeat this set one to two more times depending on your fitness level, resting 30 seconds in between sets.

2. Walking Lunges

To do a walking lunge, step forward so that your back knee almost touches the ground and your front knee is perpendicular to your ankle. Make sure you don’t let the front knee slide out beyond the ankle. Repeat with the other leg and alternate until you reach 15 lunges. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat this set one to two more times depending on your fitness level, resting 30 seconds in between sets.

Once this exercise is easy for you, hold a set of dumbbells. Be careful though, this exercise requires great technique to avoid injuring your knees. Lift your front foot toes in the lunge to ensure that the weight is properly on your heels and not stressing your knees.

3. Donkey Kick

woman performing donkey kick

Get down on all fours and then lower your arms down so that you are resting on your forearms. Raise your back leg keeping your thigh and calf at a 90-degree angle. While you maintain this angle, raise your leg a bit more while squeezing your butt without arching your back. Lower your leg back down. Repeat 15 times while keeping your core tight.  Repeat this set one to two more times depending on your fitness level, resting 30 seconds in between sets.

4. Fire Hydrant

woman performing fire hydrant

Stay on all fours but lift up off your elbows so that your arms are straight and your hands are flat on the floor. Make sure your shoulders align with your hands and your hips align with your knees. Raise your leg out to the side while maintaining your thigh and calf at a 90-degree angle. Repeat 15 times. Rest 30 seconds and repeat the sequence on the other leg. Perform this sequence two to three times on each leg, depending on your fitness level.

If you have limited flexibility, don’t try to lift your leg beyond what is comfortable for you.  Just lift it as high as you can.  It will still work your glutes!


5. Plié Squats

woman performing plie squat

Stand with your feet spread apart wider than your shoulders and your toes pointing outward at a 45- degree angle from your shoulders. Tuck in your tummy and your tailbone. With your shoulders back and chest up, squat until your thighs are parallel with the floor, or as far as you can go if you have limited flexibility. (Don’t let the photo scare you!) Repeat 15 times and rest 30 seconds. Repeat this set one to two more times, depending on your fitness level, resting 30 seconds in between sets.

For more of a challenge, hold a heavy dumbbell with two hands at one end of the dumbbell and the other end pointing downward. As with walking lunges, be careful to keep your knees perpendicular to your toes. 

To ensure the weight is in your heels, lift up on your toes as you perform the exercise.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the workout! Do these 5 best butt exercises for women over 50 at least one to two times per week consistently, and you will have a perkier butt and a healthier, more functional body. For more workouts, check out my other posts, Get Fit After 50: 25 Minutes is All You Need, and the Five Best Ab Exercises for Women over 50. 

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  1. This is a great comprehensive workout for sure! It’s good to know the importance of strong glutes on our overall health and stability. Normally, the focus is on the abs. Thanks for the research packed tips!! It feels good to work the muscles!

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