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Woman with short hair dressed in yellow sundress with heart sunglasses and yellow fringe earrings holding yellow flower.

July Amazon Fashion Haul | Jewelry and Accessories

Woman with short hair dressed in yellow sundress with heart sunglasses and yellow fringe earrings holding yellow flower.

This July Amazon fashion haul for jewelry and fashion accessories has some of the cutest styles and trends this season!  From floppy hats to statement jewelry and bucket bags, these looks will turn heads as you head to the beach or a nice outdoor lunch or dinner with your sweetheart! And all these items are super affordable too!  I don’t receive a commission for any of my recommendations.  These are just the jewelry and fashion accessories that I love, and I hope you will too! 

1. Retro Sunglasses

July Amazon Fashion Haul | Sunglasses

Square cat-eye sunglasses are making a statement this season.  The cat-eye reminds us of the early 1960s, while the severe square shape offers a modern twist.  Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, as you rock this trend! 

Speaking of rocker, these small cat-eye sunglasses with their 1950s beatnik vibe in a rainbow of colors can sassify any outfit!  Think Steven Tyler or Ozzie Osborne, when you dawn a pair! 

And if you want to go really retro, round tortoise shell and metal glasses take us back to the 1920s and 1930s, where old Hollywood glamour reigned supreme. If you lean toward classic looks, these glasses are for you! 

2. Hats in All Shapes and Sizes

July Amazon Fashion Haul | Hats

No July Amazon fashion haul for jewelry and accessories would be complete without hats – lots of them! 

Floppy beach hats are huge this Summer! Not only are they making a splash on Instagram, but they also protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays, which can damage and age your skin!  What I love about these hats is that they are foldable and can slip into any suitcase without a problem.  You can find them in a variety of shapes and textures. 

Panama hats also make a chic statement.  Wear them with neutral bands, or throw a scarf around them to add a little pizazz! 

And what do the neighbor from Home Improvement and Lt. Colonel Henry Blake from M*A*S*H have in common?  They are trendsetters with their bucket hats!  Yes, bucket hats are no longer just for your dad’s fishing trip; they are high fashion this season!  Wear them in different colors to look super cute while hiding a bad hair day! 

3. Woven and Cross-Body Handbags

July Amazon Fashion Haul | woven handbags

Whether wicker, raffia, or crochet, woven Summer handbags are a must-have this Summer!  Oversize totes are great for the beach or a trip to the market, while a compact cross-body bag may be just what you need to go hands-free as you walk about town.  Try a sling tote to marry the two if you want free hands but need tons of space! 

4. Chain Link and Bolo Necklaces

July Amazon Fashion Haul | Chain Link and Bolo Necklaces

Chain link and bolo necklaces are everywhere and for good reason!  The chain link works perfectly to stack on top of finer necklaces for a big statement.  Bolo necklaces are a nice alternative to the stack and add a dainty and feminine touch to any outfit. 

5. Chain Link and Woven Belts

July Amazon Fashion Haul | chain link belts in gold and silver, one large woven belt on a dress and four woven belts in various textures.

The early 2000s called, and they want their chain link belts back!  But they can’t have them because we’re claiming them again in 2020.  Who doesn’t love the retro feel of these belts that have made their mark in each decade starting with the 1960s?  

Remember how these belts adorned Carol Brady’s waist in the 1970s and how they made Madonnabes sparkle in the 1980s?  When 1970’s retro looks reappeared in the early 2000s, these belts showed up again.  They are great for a night on the town or a day at the office, depending on how you style them. 

Oversize woven belts are also popular this season.  Wear them with a dress or oversize shirt to make your waist look slim and stylish. 

6. Statement Earrings and Oversize Hoops

July Amazon Fashion Haul | Statement Earrings of varying textures and colors

The bigger the better when it comes to earrings this season!  Say goodbye to plain metals and hello to big colors and textures!  Raffia is not just limited to belts and handbags, but it makes beautiful earrings too!  Fringe earrings pop with a wash of color to brighten any outfit, and oversize white and tortoiseshell hoops have made their way back from the 1980s and 90s.  They offer a fresh look that is sure to be a hit with your Summer wardrobe. 

7. Heirloom-Inspired Jewelry

July Amazon Fashion Haul | Collage of heirloom inspired jewelry

To complete this July Amazon Haul for jewelry and accessories, we take a turn back to the classics. If  you lean toward conservative looks but still want to be interesting, check out the latest heirloom inspired jewelry.  Both timeless and on-trend, heirloom-inspired jewelry is beautiful and affordable too!  These looks are colorful and feminine, reminding me of my grandmother’s ring, which included birthstones for each of her children.   

Jewelry and accessories spice up your wardrobe and make even the most mundane outfits come alive!  They are also a way to be bold and stay on-trend without breaking the bank.  So stock your wardrobe with timeless classics, and when it comes to jewelry and accessories, take some risks! What have you got to lose?   Check out 8 Essential Items Women over 40 Must Have for Summer to get more style inspo for Amazon shopping!

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  1. Love those sunglass choices you put together! Don’t know if I can carry off the look, but they sure are nice! Love the earring selections too, and the heirloom-inspired jewelry!

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