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The 13 Best Things About Quarantine

toilet paper with a smiley face

Let me start by saying I’m truly lucky to be healthy, have a job, a home, and a loving family during this tough time. It’s probably easier for me to look at the best things about quarantine than it is for others who are sick, unemployed and isolated.  But hopefully this post will brighten your day when you find it challenging to see the glass half full.

1. Having a Healthy Family

Healthy Family

I’m grateful that my family and I are healthy and have not contracted the virus.  I’m also thankful that the quarantine helps us to remain that way.  So many others have not been as fortunate, especially those in the healthcare industry. 

2. Taking My Dog to Work

Woman with laptop and dog

I love my little dog, Walter, a Chihuahua/Spaniel mix I adopted from the SPCA.  But before quarantine, I felt bad about leaving him alone all day.  I missed him just as much as he missed me.  Now, he is by my side every second of the day, and I can hold him tight when work gets a bit stressful.  His sweet little face comforts me like no other.

3. Learning New Life Habits from My Husband

My husband, with whom I now share an office, has shown me all the things I can do to improve how I go about living each day.  I’ve learned to always turn off the lights when I leave a room, the best way to close the refrigerator door without slamming it, the correct side of the sink on which to put dirty dishes, and to be sure and tuck in my chair when I’ve finished eating at the kitchen table, among other things.  All this has inspired me to put together a video montage so I can help others too!  Stay tuned! 

4. Appreciating My Backyard Patio

Woman with red dress and jean jacket with dog and mimosa

Since the patio is the only place where I can hang out these days that is not within the four walls of my house, it has become a peaceful respite.  It is a place where I can escape my computer screen, enjoy the sunshine and just chill.  Others who live in apartments in large cities can’t enjoy this simple pleasure. I now realize how lucky I am to have a patio, something I didn’t appreciate before this lockdown. 

5. Connecting with My Husband After a Long Day

Even though we now spend most of our days together, we don’t really connect until the end of the day.  I enjoy going over our day on the patio, watching the news and cooking dinner together without distraction.

6. Commuting Less than 15 Seconds

Even before quarantine, I had a short commute to work – about 15 minutes door-to-door.  But I must say there is nothing better than walking into the next room to start my day.  If I’m running late, no problem.  I just won’t bother getting dressed and I’ll bring my breakfast to my desk.  And once I sign off the computer for the day, I can mosey out to the patio for a refreshing drink without fighting traffic.  Now that’s living!

7. Eating Healthier at Home

Salmon and Broccoli

Since we have no kids at home, pre-quarantine my husband and I would frequent happy hours to avoid the hassle of cooking.  Of course, bar food is not the healthiest option.  Now, we eat salmon, chicken, salad, veggies, and other real food that is better for our hearts and waistlines.  It’s also yummier!

8. Finding a Love of Running (Uh...Jogging)

Woman jogging

Before quarantine, I hated running, even though I enjoyed working out with Trainer Ryan.  I preferred my smooth elliptical at the gym – easy on the joints, knees, and ankles.  I discovered after a couple weeks of quarantine and no elliptical that I needed to do something, or I was going to be well on my way to gaining the COVID-19 and not just living through its lockdown.  Begrudgingly, I set out to run around the neighborhood for a half-hour a couple days per week, while listening to Audible to make it more palatable.  After two weeks, I began looking forward to taking that run/jog and listening to my book.  I now run every other morning to kickstart my day.  I never would have predicted it!  Maybe I’ll even run a half-marathon some day!  Nah … let’s not get too crazy.

9. Avoiding the Sweaty Gym

Even before the pandemic, I always felt like I was walking into a germ farm when I went to the gym.  And when it was really crowded, the sweat and humidity was palpable.  Now I work out at home with my trainer at a reduced rate!  It’s more clean, relaxing and fun!

10. Connecting with Friends

It can be so hard to get a bunch of busy women (some with small children) together for lunch or happy hour.  But now that we’re all at home, hopping on a Zoom call is much easier to do.  Since there are no external distractions on the call (barring the occasional screaming toddler) as there would be in a bar or restaurant, we connect on a deeper level.

11. Finding New Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

I’m not gonna lie, I love television at the end of a long day.  But I can get stuck in a rut about what to watch.  Since everyone else has now discovered the sheer awesomeness of Netflix, I can always get new recommendations!  By the way, Bloodline is pretty good!

12. Saving Money

Quarantine Piggy Bank

By not going out to restaurants or impulse buying at department stores, I save a fair amount of money.  That has made me realize that I don’t really miss all the stuff I spend money on (except that occasional meal at a restaurant).  That money can be put to good use for travel when this is all over.

13. Appreciating Life's Pleasures

Life's pleasures

Despite the many good things about quarantine, I look forward to enjoying life’s basic pleasures when things go back to normal again someday.  Only this time, I will look at them with fresh eyes.  I can’t wait to hug my mom and my friends, travel, eat food in a restaurant, go to the movies, shop at the mall and see the smiles on everyone’s faces when we no longer need to wear masks.  This quarantine has reminded us all to take a second and be grateful for life as we know it, and it feels pretty cool.

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16 thoughts on “The 13 Best Things About Quarantine”

  1. I think many of us have learned to be grateful for this downtime and appreciate what really matters in life. I enjoyed hearing your story

    Stay positive

  2. Michele,
    Isn’t it amazing how we all can be so different and yet so much alike?
    As I am reading through your list of bright spots in the day, I’m nodding my head in a yes me too motion. Those simple daily activities that make the roots of our lives are truly important.
    Needless to say, I am ready for an evening on the town!

    Distinctly Southern Style

  3. Loved everything about this post. It really resonated with me. From enjoying my backyard, to not dealing with the sweaty gym, appreciating family life, and appreciating all little things, you nailed it. Thanks for a lovely read.

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