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woman wearing little denim jacket

How to Wear a Little Denim Jacket: 8 Ideas for Women over 40

The Little Denim Jacket

The little denim jacket is a classic that you can wear for day or night in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  Check out these 8 ideas that will help you rock this wardrobe staple that should occupy everyone’s closet!

1. White Jeans

Woman on bridge wearing little denim jacket, pink shirt, white jeans and gladiator sandals

The little denim jacket looks amazing with white jeans!  Add some gladiator sandals and a bright top underneath, and you will be ready for brunch with the girls!

2. Striped Midi Sundress

woman on bridge wearing little denim jacket and orange striped midi sundress

The little denim jacket looks great with a bright patterned sundress.  Perfect for those crisp Summer mornings at the farmers’ market! Ankle-strapped nude sandals with chunky heels and a colorful cross-body straw bag complete the look!

3. Camouflage T-Shirt and Cropped Olive Khakis

woman wearing little denim jacket, camouflage t-shirt and olive khaki pants

Feeling a little sassy?  Pair the little denim jacket with a camouflage t-shirt and some olive khaki cropped pants to crush this killer trend!  Look cute and be comfy too for Soccer practice, grocery shopping, or a walk in the park.

4. White Button-Down Shirt and Light Denim Flared Mom Jeans

woman walking wearing little denim jacket, light jeans and orange cross-body bag

It’s a myth that you can never wear denim on denim.  As long as the two denims are not the same hue, you will be perfectly stylish.  Combine the classic white button-down with the trendy mom jeansplatform sandals, and brightly-colored cross-body bag, and you have the perfect ensemble!

5. Blue Floral Sundress and Half-Moon Straw Bag

Woman wearing little denim jacket, blue floral sundress, carrying pink half-moon bag

This little denim jacket and blue sundress combo works well with the stylish and feminine pink half-moon straw bag, available at a variety of discount retailers.  Add the Stan Smith sneakers for a bit of sass!

6. Tie-Waist Utility Pants

woman wearing little denim jacket, green top and tie-waist utility pants

Wear your little denim jacket with a bright sleeveless top and tie-waist trousers for a casual date night or dinner with the girls!  Statement earrings and black slide sandals complete this sexy look!

7. White T-Shirt and Cropped Beige Khakis with Side Stripe

woman wearing little denim jacket, white t-shirt, khakis and sneakers

The classic white t-shirt and khakis are turned up a notch with the little denim jacket and side stripe on the cropped pants.  Stan Smith sneakers also work well with khakis and will keep you comfortable when you’re running all day long!

8. Tank T-Shirt Dress

woman wearing little denim jacket and turquoise t-shirt dress

When you don’t want to take off your oh-so-comfy tank dress, but you still want to go out, pair it with the little denim jacket and espadrille wedge sandals.  The little denim jacket will ensure you go out in style!

These are just 8 ideas for how women over 40 can wear a little denim jacket.  There are countless more!  I love my little denim jacket, and no matter what trends may come, it’s going to be in my heart and in my closet for a very long time!

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    Really enjoyed 8 ways to wear a denim jacket! Each outfit was cuter than the next. Probably one of the most versatile pieces any of us can have in our wardrobe.

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